Stephen King

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Stephen King says:
“When you get paid for your writing…and you use it to pay your electric”
You’re a good writer

Stephen King says:
“If you can’t read 4 to 6 hours each day, you’ll never be a good writer”

Stephen King says:
“Write 2,000 words per day.”

50 Novels and 200 short stories can’t be wrong

And this isn’t a poem, it’s a “piece”, which is to say I don’t know

I don’t give a fuck if he lacks respect from contemporaries
I would get lost in that world
Constructed of sweat not genius, questions not certainty

I wish I could get lost in my own world instead
Time to get to what really keeps the power on

Just one 1,870 words to go Steve


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Last night’s orgy of positivity
Has left me with a wicked hangover
In the thin weak tea light of a staggering dawn
Blackout curtains drawn
I study the ever-growing lines on the meat of my palms
An intricate highway to nowhere
And contemplate a new career in oblivion
But where do I apply?

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In a kingdom of the blind
the one-eyed man is cruel.

The Corresponding Button* (Spam Poem #2)

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Hey there
10 million users out of water

see here
top auto body repair

see here
horrible image freeware

see here
for the top…shop anywhere
thοse neա to the blogosphere

spare time came
to mind, games…

Thatt іs a reat tip
Simple.. very accurate

made by college kids
blasting (it) to pieces

You will see
80s PC RPG
you will see your enemies

Justin… case your wondering
press of the corresponding
Thɑnks foг sharing this this one
the corresponding button

(All text is found from spam emails; typos have been left intact)


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I’m breaking up with Diet Coke
Fraudulent thrills and sugarless sweets
Candy shelled vapid jokes
Bunkum bon bons and honey treats

That make me reach like Tantalus
A presque vu taste belt junkie
Sweating sucrose ravenous
Two hours later hungry

(For times when)

Sweets were food and I was me
Girls were girls and lust was free

Ingredients like the Book of Numbers
A Latin Mass of calumny

Cyclamate and Aspartame,
Neolyte and Saccharin
Agave and Neotame
Acesulfame Potassium

Pantheon of gods of thunder
Or star-crossed love Greek Tragedy


A one-sided story

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Nice guys and listeners and other horses necks
End up with your feelings but seldom your sex

You may not have asked for this dogged devotion
But gladly drank freely of tax-free emotion

Not to be blamed for dogged determination
But even the most humble dog tires of masturbation

The Internet Gives Bad Advice (On Love)

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The Internet Gives Bad Advice (On Love)

MY RESPONSE (@noironyintended) I’m pretty sure if he wasn’t a mythical character, it would be safe to say the devil doesn’t love hell… Just sayin’

OP RESPONSE: @noironyintended you stand up to your name…of taking everything literally. Don’t steal from the beauty in my point with silly logic. Just sayin’

MY RESPONSE (@noironyintended) Oh, ok..sorry

MORAL: “People never notice anything.” — Holden Caulfield
“People never believe you.” — Holden Caulfield
“All morons hate it when you call them a moron.” – Holden Caulfield


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