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Lucky Strike

Posted in Uncategorized on May 31, 2009 by unsensible

I see you in your dungarees
And calf-skin boots and
Your hair is…

Smoke curls from crooked lip
Gaze into a celluloid future

James Dean, take my eyes
Drown them with your Lucky Strikes
You hold so aptly
In your hand, just so

James Dean light me up
A brilliant flash
A car wreck
To awaken drowsy drivers
Enough to see them home
But no more

In the kingdom of the blind,
The one-eyed man is…cruel

Rebel, take my other
Maybe you’ll know what to do.


Green Bottle

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I found an old green glass bottle and I wished
On the genie within
That you would have a perfect day
And pieces of a perfect day every day
And he asked me to call them by name, so I said:

Hush of the ocean
Sun on your face
Wind in your hair
Sand in your toes
Sleepy kids’ warm heads
in a bright morning
Smiling dog
Happy eyes
Rain on your windowsill
Cool clear nights

No need to travel far
No phone calls, no emails, text messages, or posts
Time to talk and laugh
Loved ones close enough to reach out and touch
As the white moon takes it time
Poling languidly across the rippling black surface of the sky

Sunrise on the shoreline
The horizon an orange-red garnet
bathing you and me in its light
In its glow the promise of a future
Warm and unhurried
Sure and on its own track

Like footprints in the sand
One day we’ll look back and realize there were no missteps
Two unbroken lines side by side
Walking forth and back to familiar places
A perfect day repeats

And the genie took it down
On an pale green assignment pad
With shredded tabs stickng out like tongues from its spiral binding
When he finished his work, he closed it and he was gone

And I’m left with the green glass bottle wondering:
Has my wish for you come true already?
Is it true right now?
Will it ever come true?
We only know in our hearts.
But every day with you is a dream we tell each other
Two unbroken lines side by side
Walking forth and back to familiar places
A perfect day repeats

Pinky to Sam (from Square Peg Ball)

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Ice lights drip and drizzle rain
Upon the pastel dancing floor
Until they’ve drained their sequined tears, illuminate no more
The disco ball has spun its all and sweeps the floor in squares of stain
Shooting stars have left the rafters and tumble to the door
There I sit, one folding chair
In an emptying dance hall
With wooden legs and wooden back
Forgotten by the call
An empty vessel castaway forgotten by the call

Heart Bellow Change

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Heart bellow at the change of men, remembering only yesterday’s smile a boy who after every secret opened to a flower and
never seeing him fly away
born a man

Jelly Sandwich

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There’s too many meals on our plate.
I feel guilty not wanting more.
The world is a near facsimile
Of my Italian grandmother.
“Manja, Manja!”
And I am just too obliging.
That’s why I cherish jelly sandwich,
Bent sideways by the weight of my plum.
Compact. Economic. Heavy on the jelly.
I’ve eaten at Sardi’s, mind you,
I’ve had lobster in Boston and hot dogs on Broadway,
But nothing wins out in sheer assurance
Than the noble and humble,
The steady and sweet,
Deceptively filling,
Gobbled by children,
Disdained by adults,
Vaunted, mysterious
Conflagration of fruit, nut, and bread.


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The geese now are bigger than ever.
My house cat is fat as a house.
Over horizon of my bloated belly,
I see a world round with excesses of man

The pigeons are pilfering potato chips,
on the corner of Main St. and Green.
A hot-dog man laughs,
from his thick rolling chin,
“Eat up, and the world will make more.”

She Rises

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In the virgin breast of morning she rises
Quiet in a house still sleeping
Dips each white foot overboard
Off her bed
Wiggles each toe individual
As though recalling their names
Trip, trip, She rises
Fawn touching on vegetation carpet
Trip trip, down the hallway
To preen with determined regularity
Bathe under the gaze of mirrors
Who turn their backs
Made shy by an innocent display
She leans She whispers
A secret so precious
strong men would spend their lives dreaming
so small it flutters to the floor
Trip, trip, trod under foot
She bounds outdoors
Still trailing steam