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Sonnet 101; W Shakespeare

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O truant Muse, what shall be thy amends
For thy neglect of truth in beauty dyed?
Both truth and beauty on my love depends;
So dost thou too, and therein dignified.
Make answer, Muse: wilt thou not haply say
‘Truth needs no colour, with his colour fix’d;
Beauty no pencil, beauty’s truth to lay;
But best is best, if never intermix’d?’
Because he needs no praise, wilt thou be dumb?
Excuse not silence so; for’t lies in thee
To make him much outlive a gilded tomb,
And to be praised of ages yet to be.
Then do thy office, Muse; I teach thee how
To make him seem long hence as he shows now.


The Houses by Rudyard Kipling

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‘Twixt my house and thy house the pathway is broad,
In thy house or my house is half the world’s hoard;
By my house and thy house hangs all the world’s fate,
On thy house and my house lies half the world’s hate.

For my house and thy house no help shall we find
Save thy house and my house — kin cleaving to kind;
If my house be taken, thine tumbleth anon.
If thy house be forfeit, mine followeth soon.

‘Twixt my house and thy house what talk can there be
Of headship or lordship, or service or fee?
Since my house to thy house no greater can send
Than thy house to my house — friend comforting friend;
And thy house to my house no meaner can bring
Than my house to thy house — King counselling King.


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Do we not hear the same drum?
You me and every stalwart man and handsome lady on the street
In the office in church at matters of state?
Do we hear its mellow thump
A dull insistent call
Beaten on warm pale leather
Making liars of us all?

We all line up to take turns
Ladies tapping lightly with fingernails
The drum makes a satisfying shock
Men in their vigor beating with palm
(Together the two make a glorious song)

Can you hear it now?
Through your television
On the radio
In magazines
And in the eyes of your friends
The same hymn intricate and tiresome and familiar

Beat beat beat
An open palm on a fleshy drum
Tap tap tap
Round and deep and hollow

If you don’t hear it now. Wait. You will.
And when you do…you’ll sway with the rest of us.


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At night I am the dream keeper
I am the steward of sleep
And my every personal foible is cast into bass relief
And a sensible format, recognizable pattern

My sotto voice, heavy eyes, slow languid step
Ponderous head too, too full of story

I spend the early evening dispensing
Milk and medicines reading aloud
Singing scraps of song over and over like a broken record
Promoting not sense but imagination
The muted chant of a tuneless song repeated
So long it has no meaning other than simple
Sleep, sleep, simple dreams to you. All is well, all is safe.
In the morning, the world will need your light to wake up the dawn.

And the world,
Which foils most of my plans with luster, rewards my humble soporific efforts
Angels bow their heads and retire for the evening
To restore that inexplicable light which I can neither give them nor understand

I rise gingerly from the chair
And slide out of the room
Like the shadows cast by the hall light through the half cracked door

I take my complicated ideas with me
To turn them over like a worry stone in my palm till late, late night
When I can wake no more

Put out the lights
Lock the doors
One final nod to the dog standing sentinel (this is his duty too, I imagine)
And I am done
Till tomorrow

When cover’s drawn

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Snowy raptors between the pages
Fly when the cover is drawn
White on white folded
Like two winter skies—side by side
Two autumns kissing
Before the sun peaks the horizon
One flash at sunset
When the color has gone out
And the resting world—blinks
One moment suspended in amethyst
Before turning the page

Fly while the cover is drawn
The vertical horizon is yours
Build, create your habitat.
Fiercely pluck ideas with barbarous claws
Gather evidence and ideas
Of life inside

I promise, I shall be satisfied
Of broken sticks and errant eyes
You scatter in your wake
When you flee the unfolding dawn

The crack of light of my notebook opening
What actions have transpired here?
I am not to judge, merely record
I will read, and re-read,
And I will be grateful

Neither Here Nor There

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I am neither fine nor all right
I am neither asleep nor awake
I snooze through my waking hours and spin at night
Because I am so terribly nervously awful

Wait, I don’t want you to misunderstand.
Wait, let me explain.

I find I live for the space between spaces
The fall the spring early summer early winter
Sunrise not high noon
Inside at recess
Nap on vacation

And if you offered me the golden apple on an azure pillow
I’m not sure I would take it

As Adam I would complex and confound my Eve
Sorry, I would take a bite
My apologies
I have serious reservations
I would like further exploration
And discussion
I would like to
Take my blackberry from my fig leaf and rifle through my emails
While we stand naked looking at each other in God’s own innocence
A rising moon
And I need to see whether work emailed me
I’m sorry
It will only take a minute…


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Fit fab five on a Friday in force
Fifty flitting fingers
Clenched in a circle
25 cocktails
Hand over hand

A hundred dark lashes
Ten green eyes flashing
Crimson lips curling
Gleaming incisors
Like beacons to foreign alters
Pink mantles of tongue

Five manes swaying
Like leaves in the autumn
Arms legs in rhythm
Making a chain
Stirring a whirlpool
of red black and amber
of loving and languor
and desires of men