Neither Here Nor There

I am neither fine nor all right
I am neither asleep nor awake
I snooze through my waking hours and spin at night
Because I am so terribly nervously awful

Wait, I don’t want you to misunderstand.
Wait, let me explain.

I find I live for the space between spaces
The fall the spring early summer early winter
Sunrise not high noon
Inside at recess
Nap on vacation

And if you offered me the golden apple on an azure pillow
I’m not sure I would take it

As Adam I would complex and confound my Eve
Sorry, I would take a bite
My apologies
I have serious reservations
I would like further exploration
And discussion
I would like to
Take my blackberry from my fig leaf and rifle through my emails
While we stand naked looking at each other in God’s own innocence
A rising moon
And I need to see whether work emailed me
I’m sorry
It will only take a minute…


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