When cover’s drawn

Snowy raptors between the pages
Fly when the cover is drawn
White on white folded
Like two winter skies—side by side
Two autumns kissing
Before the sun peaks the horizon
One flash at sunset
When the color has gone out
And the resting world—blinks
One moment suspended in amethyst
Before turning the page

Fly while the cover is drawn
The vertical horizon is yours
Build, create your habitat.
Fiercely pluck ideas with barbarous claws
Gather evidence and ideas
Of life inside

I promise, I shall be satisfied
Of broken sticks and errant eyes
You scatter in your wake
When you flee the unfolding dawn

The crack of light of my notebook opening
What actions have transpired here?
I am not to judge, merely record
I will read, and re-read,
And I will be grateful


One Response to “When cover’s drawn”

  1. Sorry for posting this twice. The previous comment was meant for this poem. Bad lighting for cellular blogging.

    There are so many weeds in the garden here at WordPress that at times I feel like walking away and allowing them to take the damn thing over.
    But with enough digging and enough bug shooing, sometimes a big fat ripe tomato shines out from the back row.
    Finding poems like this keeps me here.
    Absolutely fabulous writing.
    The first verse nearly yanked my lip off.


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