Do we not hear the same drum?
You me and every stalwart man and handsome lady on the street
In the office in church at matters of state?
Do we hear its mellow thump
A dull insistent call
Beaten on warm pale leather
Making liars of us all?

We all line up to take turns
Ladies tapping lightly with fingernails
The drum makes a satisfying shock
Men in their vigor beating with palm
(Together the two make a glorious song)

Can you hear it now?
Through your television
On the radio
In magazines
And in the eyes of your friends
The same hymn intricate and tiresome and familiar

Beat beat beat
An open palm on a fleshy drum
Tap tap tap
Round and deep and hollow

If you don’t hear it now. Wait. You will.
And when you do…you’ll sway with the rest of us.


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