Downward Slope

A sigh deep in your forearms, your legs, your chest aching a little
You slide back a few feet like you’re on casters
But they keep on talking
They’re talking about…
Not quite…
Someone said something…
And someone had some sort of…
Sex or something…? Maybe…?
It’s getting further away

The cotton closing around your ears creeps into your mouth too
You hear the metronome of your breath
The animal in you has stepped off the tread mill
And stops clutching its knees while the wheel spins of its own volition

And she’s still talking
Though the effort of keeping your head straight is distracting
And you’re fidgeting with your shoe
There’s a bug in the dirt and you nudge if off the path

And she says something about life
She’s smiling, wisely, kindly
Do you know her?

Surely not. You’re sliding further away and it’s getting darker.
You’ll take the long way home
And no one will notice as the lights go out in the houses on your path
Even street lights burn out overhead
And you’ve turned totally gray

Your skin buzzing from the inside with the things you might have done
The action that might have taken place if you in fact were…there?
Never mind. That’s a story about somebody else.

The creature is asleep now. You don’t want to disturb it.


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