What Price Beauty

A penny for your thoughts
One nickel for your smile
A sweet Susan B Anthony for what goes on underneath those robes

What price beauty?

We pay for what’s important
The price is set by demand
And demand
Demand on the open market

I’ll take half a pound of flesh
But not a drop of blood
(Hold the blood yourself)

And if it hurts, please bear in mind this is a business
We are amping up supply
Supply some fresh smiles
Like morning flowers melted by noon
And that’s you too
Consider yourself well used in the bargain

I’m sorry this is unpleasant
Keep the blood, the heart, the brain

We don’t need it
There’s no market
(The market favors clean pale flesh)

Going once? Going twice? Do I have a buyer?

What price beauty?

(This is all quite regular. It will soon be over. You’ll maybe believe it’s a dream)


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