Z and the Adventure

He doesn’t speak
He sings the voice of angels
High ringing notes to the heavens
A whispers sweet soft sounds in some forgotten language
Known only to him
That speak of peace and comfort
Over and over in a rapid circles
(Mwah yayayaya, mwah yayayaya)

He doesn’t walk, but dances
On his tip toes and the balls of his feat
In rhythm to whatever music he can find
From the TV or the dishwasher or the dogs collar
It’s all the same, it all builds anticipation
And when it’s too much flies in a circle and lands on his belly,
Hands flapping, fingers waving
Over and over if that’s what it takes to feel it through

He doesn’t sleep
He’s got better things to do
And he must take his energy from the sun

People don’t know him
But if they did they’d love him
His eyes are the ocean
And if you catch them
He’ll send you floating away

And I’m not sure he knows what autism is
I’m not sure I know what autism is
But if I did?
I used to see it as the darkness in a cave
And he was walking to fast and every step took him further away
But I’m in the cave with him now
(I know that now)
And I don’t know what we’ll find
We’ll find it together

Don’t cry out
We’re doing it together
I’ll hold your hand
(I won’t let you hit yourself)
We are walking, two fine gentlemen,
Father and son
Out for an adventure
Seeing what we find


2 Responses to “Z and the Adventure”

  1. NightOwl Says:

    wow, this is pure splendor. 🙂


  2. Vonia Perna Says:

    I love this. It shows you’re really trying to see him. That’s all any child can ask of his parent 🙂


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