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The space between spaces
I have no gift but the halo of a smile
Made sweeter in memory
Etched fluorescent in the blackness of blinking eyes
Dreaming lashes flutter
I leave them trembling at your feet
The outline
A legend of passion ascending


Electric things

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Turning down the volume,
from 30 to 11 to 1 to 0
Like a pantomime
A deliberate, inexorable striptease
Wooden floors naked
The soft buzzing of things electric
unknown at different frequencies
The heat registers tick and echo to each other
A languid conversation from wall to wall
in some primordial animal language
The shadows roll over in their sleep and
throw a restless arm across your waist, dreaming

You’re alone
But the silences have each other
And they have you
Soft static clings like cotton candy and crackles
A change of posture enough to make it flit away
Like lunar moths to an empty ceiling


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Jagged canyons in the leather on the side of my shoes
White salt infiltrating black leather
Turning rivulets of crackled sheen into negative reliefs
Black on white on
White on black
Forming low clouds of tainted saline
like soldiers marching with boots and horses
making dust in rows on the horizon
over the tops of my soles

Salt swarms the sidewalk
In grains like pretzel salt
In powder like opium
A chemical bleach solution for a filthy, filthy world

Some have it right
Death arrives in white
Too, too perfect glimmering resplendent pendants dripping
Trophies of color sucked away
Diamonds so clear you almost don’t see them
Because they are almost nothing at all
Completely 100%
and sanitary through and through

My shoes, thin as slippers,
Worn every day for months
Travelling 1500 miles in a weekend
Walking in their dotterage
Having carried me between lives
There might yet be a little life left in them

I lick the ends of my fingers
Wipe away the salt
Leave trails of dark gray
Knowing it will come back
When I walk outside again

Pysche Explains

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“There is only one way to leave,”
She my psyche, my ancient child assured me,
In a voice both coquette and serious
Full of low portents
Playfully twisting one of her own
bloodfeathers in the palm of her little hand
in a way I’m sure made her wince

“You wait to the moment of desire’s full cycle
Until the moon has reached its apex
and touches the ends of your hair with longing
softly with trembling fingers on your cheek
And your companion, seeing the moon’s ardor,
Has no choice but to love you
And tell you with moistened lips or die

And that’s when you fly

Kick off on force of his and her broken heart
Exuding its last forceful breath in complete silence
Let the hot air of doomed protestations carry you
And push you up to the moon that calls for you
Until you need to find another heart
Rising and falling with the cycle of the moon
Never touching the earth”

“Don’t look so askance,”
She now scolded

“I have only one wish to grant,
It’s my own wish
My soul
If I grant it to you
I lose the 100 others that want me to grant theirs

Will you make up for the longing that pushed me up to the moon like a hot zephyr?
When you are only human and subject to weakness…

I think not”

With that, she loosed her wings
Allowed them to spring out soundlessly like an umbrella
Drifted up
I watched her float with an aching heart

Remember this,
remember your place, man
Hold still as she pushes off
Or she’ll never reach the moon, ever
And neither will I

old acquaintance be forgot

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Year to year, my circumstance is
A ship taking cargo in exotic ports

This date
one year ago
would not recognize me now

Future peers
over shoulders of the crowded present
Catches my eye through the clamor
Ashen and sober
I hardly recognize the face
it is a Sphinx’s face
on which i could read all good and ill
in ancient slanting letters
and still be none the wiser

There will be time to discuss

We set sail together alone tomorrow
heading for parts unknown