Pysche Explains

“There is only one way to leave,”
She my psyche, my ancient child assured me,
In a voice both coquette and serious
Full of low portents
Playfully twisting one of her own
bloodfeathers in the palm of her little hand
in a way I’m sure made her wince

“You wait to the moment of desire’s full cycle
Until the moon has reached its apex
and touches the ends of your hair with longing
softly with trembling fingers on your cheek
And your companion, seeing the moon’s ardor,
Has no choice but to love you
And tell you with moistened lips or die

And that’s when you fly

Kick off on force of his and her broken heart
Exuding its last forceful breath in complete silence
Let the hot air of doomed protestations carry you
And push you up to the moon that calls for you
Until you need to find another heart
Rising and falling with the cycle of the moon
Never touching the earth”

“Don’t look so askance,”
She now scolded

“I have only one wish to grant,
It’s my own wish
My soul
If I grant it to you
I lose the 100 others that want me to grant theirs

Will you make up for the longing that pushed me up to the moon like a hot zephyr?
When you are only human and subject to weakness…

I think not”

With that, she loosed her wings
Allowed them to spring out soundlessly like an umbrella
Drifted up
I watched her float with an aching heart

Remember this,
remember your place, man
Hold still as she pushes off
Or she’ll never reach the moon, ever
And neither will I


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