Jagged canyons in the leather on the side of my shoes
White salt infiltrating black leather
Turning rivulets of crackled sheen into negative reliefs
Black on white on
White on black
Forming low clouds of tainted saline
like soldiers marching with boots and horses
making dust in rows on the horizon
over the tops of my soles

Salt swarms the sidewalk
In grains like pretzel salt
In powder like opium
A chemical bleach solution for a filthy, filthy world

Some have it right
Death arrives in white
Too, too perfect glimmering resplendent pendants dripping
Trophies of color sucked away
Diamonds so clear you almost don’t see them
Because they are almost nothing at all
Completely 100%
and sanitary through and through

My shoes, thin as slippers,
Worn every day for months
Travelling 1500 miles in a weekend
Walking in their dotterage
Having carried me between lives
There might yet be a little life left in them

I lick the ends of my fingers
Wipe away the salt
Leave trails of dark gray
Knowing it will come back
When I walk outside again


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