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There will be peace in Babylon
words will run
not from speaker to ear
but in a single snaking torrent
from the side of our great edifice
inscribed with desperate runes from fanatical forebears
fall like rain to uninhabitable rocks below
breaking open like unhatched eggs
making a beautiful murmur of hushing whispers

Freed from permanency
there will be no more words
to obfuscate
or reduce us
naked in silence
bereft of smart phones
computers abandoned

We’ll pay attention
in reverential silence

No conversation
but shifts from hip to hip
reverberating glances eye to eye
and lips will find a better purpose
no harsh words between us
no promises to keep
the only posturing a lovely roll of shoulder to shoulder
like the hills that surround us
and silent


Fine. Just Fine.

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Taking it on the chin for the one hundredth time
Soft top gray matter aches slips from impact inside
Abscess in my mouth a worried a hole with your tongue
Rocky patches like burns on the tops of your hands

But the shirt looks acceptable
Wrinkled at the bottom
We’ll keep that tucked in

You smell of smoke and 3am
(if you could smell smoke anymore)
But no one mentions it
Neither will you

The shoes are worn down to slippers
White waves of salt lick the sides

There’s a sensation
As you keep changing belt notches
That the table is tipping
And you’re holding on
Watching papers, and pencils, and coasters, fly by

In the relative dark of a kitchen table
You’ll automatic speak like a man possessed
Confess like a murderer
A lunatic hermetic drawn to forced prophesy

But, in the green light of 8:15AM
You’re fine
Because they asked

You’re cuff is torn
Keep that hidden.

I’m fine
You’re fine
Thanks for asking

lasts and onlys

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Seeking society of demons near and newly damned
Horned things sparkle amid the throngs of avid ex-humanity
Teeth pointed glinting like the tips of many pens on contracts
Now collecting in adorable little clutch bags
Tucked in distracting shadows of curved bodices
or stuffed into the deep pockets of fine woolen long coats

Humans take shapes of pulsing stars glowing and bursting with rhythmic regularity
Making bonfires of their dignity to light up the cackling mass of party goers
Like Roman candles on Roman holiday
A titter of polite laughter for each volcanic outburst
Ouughs and ahhs and grunts of satisfaction from darker corners and beneath long tables
Darker eyes glitter carnal delight
An unconscious pornographic exhibition
“Because you can light up the moon doesn’t mean you should,”
Chides one long black-haired willowy fiend with sardonic ecstasy
No one is listening to her (and she’s too much to look at)
Shuffling souls form a queue for their chance to launch pyrotechnics
penetrate the darkness with one last ecstatic act of wanton nihilism
Tiny reservations burn up like good intentions and float away on the illuminated breeze like the ash from a roaring bonfire
On this last night of lasts and onlys