There will be peace in Babylon
words will run
not from speaker to ear
but in a single snaking torrent
from the side of our great edifice
inscribed with desperate runes from fanatical forebears
fall like rain to uninhabitable rocks below
breaking open like unhatched eggs
making a beautiful murmur of hushing whispers

Freed from permanency
there will be no more words
to obfuscate
or reduce us
naked in silence
bereft of smart phones
computers abandoned

We’ll pay attention
in reverential silence

No conversation
but shifts from hip to hip
reverberating glances eye to eye
and lips will find a better purpose
no harsh words between us
no promises to keep
the only posturing a lovely roll of shoulder to shoulder
like the hills that surround us
and silent


2 Responses to “Babylon”

  1. The Laughing Shark of Hamlin PA Says:

    Here’s my poem for your review

    I hate reading your stuff
    It makes me so mad
    That I can’t write like that.
    Here’s my computer
    Now it’s rubble
    I smashed it
    Cause you write so well

    Hahahaha okay I didn’t really smash it. But damn. I am so glad you’re writing.


  2. i realized your closing thoughts are always brilliant and powerful then openings; any specific reason?

    the way you join thoughts just stick right away; i loved the tune of powerful flood of:

    No conversation
    No harsh words
    No promises
    only posturing a lovely roll
    and lips will find a better purpose


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