Proof (it’s all there)

In the dogend of a long night
When the fluttering projector casts shadows that bend and stretch
Still frames in your mind
So people appear uncommonly tall and thin
Or as squashed into little caricatures
Vacillating distortions
Like some parody Alice might see underground
You have only you to turn to
With the pillow you lay at your side
(a totem)
The prancing menagerie of whatever ensemble-cast episodic sex plot you’ve devised in your fevered imagination since age fifteen
Has played its course for the evening
(Still ongoing, plot unresolved)
You will make a choice
Bourne of stubborn necessity
Of what and who from your waking world can make you sleep

There will be no lying
In repose
Sleep is tempestuous

She will know
Even when you don’t know
When you’re faking
Do you tell or do you listen?
To the incidental algorithm algebraic puzzle
That constitutes your want and need
In a zero-sum equation

You plus body plus work plus art times love
Add life add warmth and hands and lips and thighs
Multiplied by sky add Her
Over you make
A zero sum mathematical proof
Checking again for errors in carrying the one
It sings you to sleep
A harmonious instrument

You look all day long for the sum
And listen all night to the answer


2 Responses to “Proof (it’s all there)”

  1. one of those night when when nights get darker than our own shadows and we sit on our foot toes to resolve the mythological mysteries of common life. you make the dark shine even my friend.


  2. sharkspeare Says:

    Nicely done. I enjoyed this.


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