Lights Out

When the lights are out in the house
The phone is dead
Computer sleeping
Silence hums like cicadas

Hushed you talk in past tense
Stare with eyes three-quarter slits
Make hazy outlines of the flickering world
Look past the shoulders of people you once knew
To peer at candlelit strangers around you

You can whisper to me in this darkness
But I make no warranty I’m listening
Sibilance and assonance absorbed
In a cloud of cotton gray
Muffled thunk, think, thunk in the darkness

These words, I don’t promise to return them
You’ll find them scattered
Amid a pile of half-written letters
And unopened party invitations
Wherever I’m lying
If you look for me in the breast of a brighter day


One Response to “Lights Out”

  1. Very evocative.
    I can feel the dark confusion.
    I like it!


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