Zero Bound Hero

I wear my underwear on the outside
They’re red, which is more than tradition
A sheet, tied around my neck
In a rakish slipknot

My wide window open
The night breeze calls like a lurid woman
Smells of cigarettes and blossoms half rotten

Lana Lane, Lana Lane
My eyes roll languid
Down the impossible ogees
That greedy hands sketched you

Dr. Doom, Dr. Doom
My blood rushes faster
Just knowing you’re out there

Have you slipped off together
In his domed hover craft
With the top rolled down
Wind’s fingers in your hair
Cruising all the way down to Desperation Point?

Don’t you know I’m the one chosen to
Incite you, excite you, indict you?
Stand at the edge of the newsprint grey night
Thinking of the drop, the fall, the fight

The grass flies faster than my feet anticipated
My old sheet smells like pulp paper
Pixilated print, vermilion, and damp vegetation
Another night rendered semi-safe by desperate dawn patrol
Till twilight


One Response to “Zero Bound Hero”

  1. Wow. That’s pretty creepy.
    Jumper dressed up as a superhero, or melancholy remembrances of teenage romances? Either way makes ya think.


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