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laughing beats talking

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You’re funny
I like when you’re funny
But I like when I’m funny more

You laugh like you were made for it
You smile from the corner of your lips
Like a girl who grew up on honey comb
In some rural southern town with tall grass waving
And when you start you don’t stop, you keep rolling
Like the grass

I’ve known too many stale rooms
To many irretrievable breathes
Talking to myself
To rows of empty chairs

When you laugh there’s purpose

I’ll make another drink to fulfill that purpose
I’ll tell another story to define that purpose
And I’ll stay up
Late, late, late
So everyone shakes their heads
As I stand like a snowman
By the outpost for my morning coffee
Leaning slightly

There’s sunlight in that laugh
And a sweet girl under a tree somewhere and the grass is waving
I’ll gather the light through the leaves and stuff it in my pockets
To keep traces what you leave behind