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The Argonaut

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So, there’s this girl, and she’s you
And you
And you don’t
No, because, she

And the music is so
So fucking
And you…

I can
(Can I hear you? is that possible?)
In the hall I’m waiting
Outside the
From all the lights
Making me shake epileptic
Holding my breath
Blinking focus

And I know
See, I’m standing between
The bathroom and the exit
It’s pathetic
I know
Because eventually all particles cross
Probability suggests
(I am so suggestible sometimes)

And there you
I was staring at my phone
I wasn’t looking

You couldn’t have been
Rising on half shell
From a pool of
Sex, sweat, and drugs
The crush of the crowd
And viscous sound
An ingénue with her retinue

High on her cloud
Surrounded by a sharp wall of “it” girl adherents
Teeth flashing like sabers
Tongues cut to ribbons

I am
(What’s the better part of valour?)
I can’t remember
I can smell the nape of your neck
I can feel the warmth
Tender skin
Under your forearm
Trace your feathers
An illuminated map to undiscovered worlds
Of alien pleasures
Impossible visions
To make a man mad
And embrace madness like a lover

I was saying something
Your eyes streaked with ash
Shining indomitable
(Jesus Christ)
I never knew what lips were before
Like laughter from another room
Was there honey in that smile?
Was the light in those evening makeup eyes
A star that’s setting
Or a sun that’s rising

Where you’re going, where I’ve been
Ten seconds
Brief interview

Then the blank wall proves you aren’t there
Lingering air proves that you were

I had something to say
It’s in my pocket
Crushed like a flower

Did you know it was only molecules that separate us?
Gravity of matter into energy
Which are you
And me
The wall
The music
The floor

I’ll see you again
Intrepid Argonaut, I am
Maybe next time
I’ll storm your defenses
Learn to be brave
Because all things are all things
All at once
There is a brave man

I’m going to stay here till the smell of you fades into memory only
Till it’s all inside me


11:58 Loser

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In the breathless struggle between 11:58PM and sleep
11:58 is losing
Billions of staggering iterations
Buried under one flannel sheet

Trading black for black
Blinking stars for weary memories
An elliptical loop
De-saturated transparent pictures
in unchronological order
Bumping out of balance
Against the back of my head
Tick tick
Then continuing uncertainly