She said I’d inevitably leave
So she sat
Knees up to her chin
Hair in two tendrils hiding her eyes

She asked me for a cigarette
And said there was someone better
Someone more “me” for me
Soon enough

But we sat
She and me
No one else in coalescing shadows
Ebbing, receding
Morning, noon, night, to morning next

She said there was a better place
I would find myself
Yet there she was
Our place, our basement

She swore she’d leave
Before it happened

I wondered
If she’d stay
Long enough to realize
What she’d earned with me

Lips that made me love her without parting
And parting opened me like time

We smoked
It bellowed and covered
Our eyes teared
She cried like a lost girl
And told me how the angels made the stars
I made misguided declarations
I made her laugh
We made angels blush

She stayed…
Why would she?
Always believing it would end?

(I admired her courage)


On our last day
The sun rose through the cobwebs
In the sunken stairway access
And the gray glass
Of winter’s dawn

She looked away through the window
I was still there
Staying to see us off

Wait for a certain bus that will never arrive
That taxi got lost, forever
The train that rolled inexplicably off its tracks
The plane that will never land

Keep telling me its ending
And I’ll fall and fall
Until we’re sure we’re flying

I’ll catch your eyes and hold for life

Let’s play chicken
You first
I’m staying


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