Ten things you don’t know about you (that I don’t know either, except that I do)

The hands are soft and clever
We are whatever we think most and
Hands in desperate situations could become hard
But yours are strong enough to push open the earth and dig out its secrets
and soft enough to cradle them
Defeating Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle,
(A thing measured is a thing never known)
Except when held so gently with soft open palms
They seem to levitate
In their network of channels contain both location and trajectory

You lean forward in anxious anticipation
Not Innamorati or a Arlecchino or a Pantalone
You lead with your shoulders
Elegant mesas
Ready to bear
Your burden or someone else’s

Your smile like someone who just finished crying
Like the sky opening up after rain
A merciful exhibition of strength and hope
A sign from the sky to the flowers it’s ok to stand again

You’re beautiful even though you don’t want to be

You speak in edges but live in the breaths in between your speaking
And make your reality breathing in

You move your mouth like an actor
Open wide to let the sibilance and assonance come out
(When I wish, selfishly, to hold them still long enough to kiss from each corner across the round prominence of your lower lip)

You’ve survived at 20,000 ft.
Taking your place in the troposphere
A vertical mixing
Transfer of energy
Sending transmissions to earth
Creating warm gales to keep you aloft, arms open
Among the great cumuli nimbus

And yet you think you’re doomed to walk like Lilith
Banished from the garden
Taking sustenance from brine and rough leaves

But the sky still loves you

You shall have everything you want
And there will be no more dying


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