I can’t fit these little pieces back together
I have no art for subtlety of motion
Waving hands a ponderous pantomime
Handled you like a hammer with good intentions

Repair impossible, reparations doubtful

I picked through the dust to gather the shards
Licking fingertips to make the smallest fragments stick
Suck the taste of blood and basement floor
A tiny pile whispering in my palm
Every grain a diamond in the light of our casement window

It isn’t just possible to break what we love
(And to love what we break)
Somtimes it’s a god damn certainty

Sifting the pile side to side in my hand
It whispers and I whisper back

I call back to you
Because I haven’t forgotten
My unicorn

The traces of you are in my fingers
These broken pieces are in a pouch next to my heart
I trace what I see and what I can’t with the same simple lines
I remember to remember

I’ll make you again in 1,000 senescent letters
Love you from old shapes into new
Until apologies don’t matter
I will marvel at you
Sorry but not sorrowful
No broken promises but infinite promise


2 Responses to “Unicorn”

  1. Gede Prama Says:

    I really like and very inspired… 🙂


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