The Care and Feeding of Baby Elephants

I got you a baby elephant
It’s not a practical thing
But some things are bigger priorities

And I might die if you don’t smile

Good coffee and chocolate
Hasn’t helped you sleep at night
Talking does as much good as poetry

So please, while I’m at work
Fill the bathtub with water
Feed him whatever baby elephants eat


He might be lonely too
It’s not easy to sooth something
So big, so clumsy, and so helpless

It’s not fair to ask you
When you’re bleeding into black handkerchiefs
Bumping into ghosts in the dark

But I bet he’s good at sitting quietly
I bet he’s a good listener, even to silence
You could pat him and listen to it too 

It’s not a practical idea
It’s just hard to be so big, so clumsy
So helpless all at the same time


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