The Gorilla and The Elephant

Terminal velocity to mountains of your lips
Luminous ether eyes flash white with sweet concentric light
Obscured and then revealed again by orbiting of hips
A fascinated prisoner in shelter of the night

Midnight, actias lunae sink on a rising zephyr
She’s sweet (so sad) said myself with surreptitious glances
The night and stars ease the rub of atmospheric pressure
Chthonic tasks poll rivers of Sisyphean chances

My elephant is leaning in the corner of our room
800 pound gorilla is still slouching in your bed
Discretion watches valor in the gloaming of the gloom
We tacitly agree that there is nothing to be said

It’s impolite to point accusing fingers at the dead
No gentle love to speak aloud of open secrete dread
The hardest sound to swallow is a secret never said
Flat silvered eyes and jaws tied tight, we imitate the dead


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