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Love Lilith (Ribs not Clay)

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Great loves and first loves are not always the same
But girls can leave indelible marks on your back
With apple red fingernails made from the same clay as your earliest wet dreams

Biting and screaming and wanting to lose you are not the same thing
But you moved out and the blonde appeared
With birthing hips and a barren little head

History is written by the victor’s broken ribs 
Your long black hair becomes a succubus better than a mother
There are fewer questions and less hurt feelings

Does he ever call you drunk at 3 a.m.?
Ask about the Asmodeus’ giant legendary cock?
Say things that make the devil roll over and grunt in his sleep?

Does it ever piss you off that you never ate The Apple?
You wanted to fuck, but pissing off God was her idea.
Do you ever feel kind of sorry for leaving him?

Or do you close your eyes and go back to sleep?


Secret Identity

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Things for which they’ll never thank you…

Heart felt opinions they didn’t inquire
Hotly felt love they didn’t require
Opinions that aren’t what they think to be true
Love when they never wanted to want you

Being saved when they didn’t want to be free
Being saved when really they wanted to be
By another agent at different hour

Batman’s real caped crusader secret power:
Is to disappear when the fighting is done
Be blissfully gone when the bleeding begun

Ponderous Profundity #3 (Advice for the Adviceless)

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Dance like no one is watching

Dress like no one is looking

Scream like no one is hearing

Fuck like no one is cumming

Spend like there is surviving

Take advice from anonymous assholes

Ponderous Profundity #2 (Advice for the Adviceless)

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When you gaze too long into the eyes of the corrupt, destructive, and immoral be careful — you may be stepping on their buzz. 

Hipster Jeezus Loves You

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Hipster Jeezus has got an app for you
Benevolent smiles behind retro specs
Credibly homeless draped shoulders hair do
Too friendly to fight and too high for sex

Apathetic savior unknown and unheard
Behind liquid clouds of sweat, smoke, and cloves
Unfathomable in his tawdry beard
Ask if it’s you or his smartphone he loves

The scion of man and post rock and god
Looked into your playlist and knows all your bands
His kind eyes can hear you and his iPod
He might care but don’t think he quite understands



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Unfettered social vindication
Told in tremulous trepidation
Lips parting gleeful postulations
Between triumphant excitations

Twittering between lips smiling
She related tales beguiling
Of a bird species self styling
One lady bird with two mates spiraling

One for beauty, one humility
For pride and reliability
One to make the strongest progeny
The other guards assiduously

She flitted away in gails of glee
At avian progressivity
I sunk two depths into my chair
Displaced tobacco filtered air 

With no just cause to shoot the prophet
The oracle become apostate
I mourned my love’s fragility
Subsumed in life’s utility

And so I watched my sad utopia
Undone by blameless Cassiopeia 

Being a Man (Part II)

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My shoulders are too broad for someone so soft in the head
So riding hoods hide Grimm ivory faces
When I shift by like an unsteady sail
Howling in the wind of my winter coat 

A moleskin notebook in my stiff jeans pocket
Looks to all the world like a an implement of war
Too happy to see the Lomos lit corners of 3AM
In a drunken vignette of shadows


Light leaks titter and sidewind in gaggles
Slide coquettishly like pendulous wisps
To lead blind supplicants to
Anodyne stupors in side street wetlands


By force of will, I tear away
To depthless pools of fetid rain
Surfaces glowing in incandescents
The better to see me, my dear
The descant my own deformity 

There are no allies
In the contrast of toy camera angels and
De-saturated shadows

There are only lines drawn behind people
To slow to shuffle with changing apprehensions


Stiff fingers stuffed in torn pocket linings
Grasp my own hands like two aching spades