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A one-sided story

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Nice guys and listeners and other horses necks
End up with your feelings but seldom your sex

You may not have asked for this dogged devotion
But gladly drank freely of tax-free emotion

Not to be blamed for dogged determination
But even the most humble dog tires of masturbation


The Internet Gives Bad Advice (On Love)

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The Internet Gives Bad Advice (On Love)

MY RESPONSE (@noironyintended) I’m pretty sure if he wasn’t a mythical character, it would be safe to say the devil doesn’t love hell… Just sayin’

OP RESPONSE: @noironyintended you stand up to your name…of taking everything literally. Don’t steal from the beauty in my point with silly logic. Just sayin’

MY RESPONSE (@noironyintended) Oh, ok..sorry

MORAL: “People never notice anything.” — Holden Caulfield
“People never believe you.” — Holden Caulfield
“All morons hate it when you call them a moron.” – Holden Caulfield


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I’m told I need to find space for my feelings, to really feel without the anesthesizing effects of language.

Sometimes, I do. On the internet.

Where I talk to my imaginary self.

Or search for my dopplegangers in digital edifice and portraiture of the life I must be living, somewhere.

When that guilty mystery runs its course,  like any unprofitable religion,
I might on rare occassion tear away my digital familiars with a faintly painful sucking sound from the comfortable concaves of my hands.

Then I’m free.

To watch the rain water from the corner seek the storm drain in the center of my basement floor. And smell the lingering tang of the day’s last cigarette turned to perfect ash in my crystal dish.

Watch me pull this rabbit out of my hat

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I used to think I knew something
I used to think fair was universal

God was in his heaven (where I needn’t write nor visit)
He and the world looked at me as a petulant and lovable child

I used to think women were for wanting and keeping
Saving was my business and my business consumed me

Now I know the humiliation of a failed magic trick
Shamed faces, red cheeks, reshuffling falling cards
Stuffing a red and white flag up the torn cuff of my jacket

I probably don’t like your poetry

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Please don’t take offense
Rhyming doesn’t make more sense
And free
form poetry

more Meaningful

Cultural references
And incongruous metaphors
Like big fancy
Don’t make your work sui generis

Trying to breathe life into the dead form
Is dripping formaldehyde
Draining the blood
From a pretty corpse

It looks almost alive

Spilled blood makes a pretty
Rorschach for the disenfranchised

When it screams
Your secrets at 4 a.m.
Don’t listen to me

Writers are notorious liars

Ponderous Profundity #4

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The internet is invigorating like a million people giving voice to their opinions, thoughts, and feelings in a choral harmoic of hubric glory;
Don’t focus on the opinions of the individual singers. It destroys the effect.

Photo of the Day: The Other Side

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If you don’t think Stephen King is a serious author, read the shining. Don’t watch the Kubrick travesty. Read it.

Words of Margaux

A great quote by Stephen King. I loved it!


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