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The moon burns hot
And your a liar
Swear you’re not
(Tongue’s on fire)

Painted mirrors
Naked skins
Streaming horrors
Breathing thin

Watch photos
Blood on camera phones
Sleeping solo
In beds not your own

Skin sinks fading
Like dying Mondays
Stringing pearls
Of gentle shadings and short-engagement cabarets


Honestly, literally

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There are two kinds of liars
In the dizzying spin of celestial deep

And those who lie about it

Neither should be trusted
But one should be respected for their honesty

Can’t Wait (to late)

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He didn’t have time for new friends
He didn’t have time for the friends he had

He didn’t have time to talk
To think
To dream
For music, work, sex, or future

Like a religious ascetic on a serpentine esker
Casting wishes off like little stones
Glittering in the sunset
Tumbling and receding

To put it all behind him
To make the end of the ridge
To collapse without comment, thought, of fantasy
He couldn’t wait for peace

He couldn’t wait to fall

No good deed (and no miracles)

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He who flinches, loses trying
Yearns the greatest, hardest failing
Tries the longest, perish drowning
In fetid shade of breathless tide

No good deed’s beyond suspicion
Miracles called insurrection
(Pseudonym and rationalization)
Mercy makes an open heart and
a pinkly naked, bare backside

Ending in blood

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Sticks and stones and broken bones
Are for namby-pamby pansies without the guts to bleed

When you want to really hurt someone?
Love them
Save them
Say it’s different
Say it’s forever

And worst of all mean it

It’s a three way stand off
He and his past
She and hers
And black hat fate between

Eyes shaded, sweating tears

Lovers don’t know how it ends
The man in black knows
It ends like it began
In ends in the blood

Call it what you want

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Can you call it a mistake when you knew it was
And did it anyway?
Can ghosts of the near-living and not-quite-dead
come to haunt the weekend tweakers
and do-it-yourself damned?

When you can’t find pity even in a mirror
And your own songs go down like glass in your gullet
Your poetry pulls up stakes
Hushed, like gypsies under harvest moons
Rolling on to find more fertile grounds

Answer #1

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A good answer
Raises more questions
For the asker

Like the recently risen dead
And more than a little afraid