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Non-Compliant Patient

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Romantic love’s curable pathology
Sucks in more lives annually
Than cancer, AIDs, and heart disease
Yet we fight immunity

The side effects of romance killing
Are more than common patient’s willing
And so the virus propagating
Slays with bold impunity

*You will be released this morning, Mr. Jones.

You’ll fall in love with a projection of your ego and relive unresolved notions till death do you in particles.

Have a good day and stop smoking, too.


Used to and gotta’ in naked morning

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We used to have dreams worth dreaming
Your distant eyes alive with seeming
Your secrets made a girl worth stealing
In impure passes and sacred feeling

Hand to eye
Eye to thigh
Never force your eyes to mine
Flashing limbs and darklet starlings scarlet azure hazes shine

Sliding seven heavens of vevelteen jape
Sweat pounds meter on your bed
Stcking eyes and pulsing head
Breathe in rattling bereft of breath
The pagan god of little death
My sleeping eyes drown in the fairy hollow of glistening nape

Everyone knows,  baby
No one can talk, baby
Our time is now or never, or looming ghosts of dispate forevers
Forever sleeps fitful in desperate dreams of never was

Sleep on my hand and I won’t tell
I’ll hope you’ll be here when I wake
I’ll keep my wrist tortured and still
And hold my sweat stained breath until
To late fall sounds of burning bells
Coffee and cigarettes – hope’s mundane burden of hell

The Abyss has an iPhone 8

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When you look into the Abyss, the Abyss maybe looks back into you.

Unless it’s busy.

The Abyss is busier than you are.

The Abyss has an iPhone 8.

The Abyss creep cams you on tumblr.

Nine-Dollar Cover, Third-Circle at 3 AM

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Lewd body dementia, fits and shrieks
Blacks out the detritus of untouched night sky

Your Jack Daniels speaks in tongues regardless
Stupefied prosopagnosia drags you from stranger to stranger

Sweat an impermeable glue
Between the math of pressing bodies

Third circle simony burn the feet of Seraphim
Too footsore for heels, too rough to fly

Shoulder to shoulder, knee to knee, thigh to thigh
In a waste of jabbering prophets dank corners
And ichorous baptismal fonts

Fair and True (A caution)

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May you never know the cold, calloused working hands of a Fair world
An impartial view never seize you by your scruff
Or principled and dangerous never turn dread eyes on you

May you never the horror of the Fair and free, my fair haired child
Or Necessity scrape your soft palms to the hypodermis
Picking agony through connective tissue for subcutaneous Truth


Fair is the remorseless predator
A falling of a blade in a machine with no known purpose

Truth is an alien horror hiding deeper than bone
A lusus naturae you never speak to or invite in
Fair comes and goes
Truth permanently resides