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Warbling I’m Sorry in E Flat

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My mother is professionally wounded
But I’m just a dilettante
I lack the jaw clenching avarice
To wrench her clock springs pop and let her whir out of balance
Spiraling like gravity turning in on itself draining to cold infinity

The only thing I’m sure of is doubt
My doctorate in “Preemptive Apologies” hangs in the basement office
Where I float in a haze of raised eyebrows, disincorporated dreans, and cigarettes

You were my first leson in heartbreak
I’ve spent 40 years drifting on that song
But I’ll call out again, I know,  hoping you’ll pull me back to solid ground

A yellowed juke box warbles melancholy
For the woman who washed me in the sink
My little hands grasping,  suspended between the cold hanging spigot and the carniverous drain


The light you see

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Be careful of the things you hate
Staring like a cat at a dark pool
Taught like a predator twisted bodily in sweated sheets at 3:20 A.M.
The face you dream of
Etched in abomination
Becomes your face
The words you cry in protest become their words
Your voice their voice

Blessed are the meek
For they shall sleep without dreaming
Blessed are those without justice
For they shall wake without fists in their chests and throats
Blessed are the forgetful
Forgiveness is a myth or a mystery
But the deep unknowable depth of human limitations and divine carelessness will set you free


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I set out to write a little poem
But ended with the truth instead

No death and no orgasms
No striking revelations, reversals, or denouements
No shit, fucking, damn, whop, nigger, fag, whore, damnation, sex, or god is dead
To stir your panties with salacious indignation

Leave it to an art school graduate
To labor over something with no market value
And not have the sense to leave it at the bottom of a drawer
Or at the bottom of the sea, where it belongs

Creature comforts

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At 8:07 AM on a weekday, nothing is funny.

“Good morning,” sticks in the throat like cold paste oatmeal.
Baleful necessity when faced with February’s frontal assault.
I shudder at your questions about my weekend.
Grit my teeth teetering through a breezy response.

But for the sake of our collective dignity:
Please do not try to be funny.

I’ll share your fluorescent fire.
Be appropriately grateful for the drop ceiling shelter.
For all humanity, let’s not pretend being here is our “first choice”.
Not even on a better day
When the sun rises before me
To start the coffee maker and heat the oven for cinnamon rolls

I choke on secondary embarrassment.

A few guidelines

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Don’t trust people
Who don’t like cats
Don’t read books
Who do what their told
Who believe what they think

Without question

Life is a mystery
Mystery is nothing without questions