Just don’t (morning)

Don’t move in the mornings
Mornings are the worst times
And your scalding coffee scrubs the soot of dreams from your hand
It’s a “wake up at 3:40 and think it’s 6 a.m.” kind of morning
Wake to someone moaning, running in your hall and disappearing when you cry aloud” kind of morning
The birds aren’t up
Even the birds are smarter than you
And the birds are assholes

You missed the 8 a.m. already, 
just doing nothing, talking news,
making a more representative indent
in the shape of your ass on the broken armchair’s pleather lining

Gravity is 27 percent more mysterious in the morning
And 32 percent more profound
Don’t try to get up, you weigh ten thousand pounds now
And you’ve already missed your 10 a.m.

You’re late and it’s still early

Sit down
Make a perfect ash cylinder cigarette in the calcified stolen hotel glass
And break it with a wish
Good morning. Go to sleep.


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