Pitch Dark (Forget it)

Don’t start after bedtime
Late nights are the worst
Sleep’s forming a patina in the vignette of your eyes

After 1:30 a.m. and everything is a tragedy
Dropping the milk is a tragedy
Anyone too awake, anyone waking up, anyone too asleep, anyone going to sleep
Is a tragic, angry farce

It’s a “I’ve got to say this now because my head will be too clear in the morning” evening
My head’s too foggy to say it now
That kind of evening

Heads of cigarette corpses line up like fallen soldiers in immolated heaps on the edge of your apocalyptic glass
You can hear someone screaming in the hallway
It’s you, maybe
Your mouth tastes like carpet

It’s too late to start anything
And everything you wanted to do in the condescending daylight
Is already undone
Digits flipping from obligation to regret
With the indifference of an old clock back when digital was for assholes

It’s already 2;30 and you missed your chance to dream
You won’t remember anyway
There’s nothing worth remembering
90% are stress dreams
Because dreams don’t matter

Say it, I dare you
Open your mouth
Start with “I…”
Then wave your head sheepishly in an ignominious bob
Because your smile looks like shit at 3 a.m.
Even a dog knows not to start a fight it can’t handle, most of the time
“Never mind.”

Light a cigarette.
Go to sleep
Looking for stars in the cobweb corners of your eggshell eyes


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