Shine another day

If she looks at you like a dripping ice cream Sunday
Her mouth is all swoops and corners
She’s a polyglot in farce, acrimony, calamity, and calumny
If everyone she has ever known has betrayed her
And you are the new only to make the penultimate difference

If she asks for a drink with a hoodwink smile
A wry pleasure eyebrow
Veiled in the escaping spirit of her cigarette
She hasn’t any means and she asks about your ends
Like a Cheshire pays call on the welfare of a mouse

If she can’t stop talking
But every path leads to another
And every other leads to a story
And every beginning leads to her ends
Her woeful, sex-crazed, wisecrack, hardship

Then go get the drink
And walk out of the bar
Because all that glitters will surely shine
And shine on, man
There’s another one of you born every day

She’s like no one you’ve ever met
And there’s a reason for that


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