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Forgot your password?

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Life is a Password that I forgot to remember – and wouldn’t write down – the last time I had to change it
because I misremembered the old password
(between 3 to 6 generations of passwords ago)
for a web site I don’t recognize and can’t understand how and when I registered.

And I should be working, but facing a dozen open browser windows, I can’t recall what I was doing in the first place.

I can conjure up the timelines and origins of the many wrong passwords
I can remember why I made and what it meant to me
in theĀ ancient history of nostalgic 2014, 2013, 2012, 2011, 2010, and distantĀ 2009.

When I lose my mind, social media will be the most reliable record of what I was actually thinking
I’ll go online to learn about more about myself
and my stunning lack of foresight.


Beatitudes for all my friends

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Itinerant dreamers and hopeless bastards —
Would-be, part-time heroes and recreational junkies
Apparitional screamers and unabashed mashers
Button mashing, pleasure center, delectation monkeys

Bliss huffing ciphers of porno panaceas
Buttons up and zippers down, zippos aloft we hail you
Beautitudinal fevered hosts of all-night pizzerias
Angel dust and candy rolls, nothing to gain nothing to do

Prognosticating paramour come fuck me into nullity
Reflective pools within your eyes a functional nonentity
You were right, and they were right, may Holy Smoke objure us
Daylight doesn’t follow night and their kind can’t endure us

Communion then with the holy voids then let clouds of obscure us