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Enough breath for smoking

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on July 7, 2015 by unsensible

The air tastes like ash trays and the rain won’t stop
Third eye counts time in stabbing pulses
Rising and falling with your breath

Breath enough to run, but you won’t do that
Or to yell, but you can’t stand the sound of your own hoarse voice
Breath enough to smoke

Smoking an ideal solution for those with too much lung power and not enough time
Who have been betrayed by the certainty that there was something to say
A resolution if they just said the right things
Those who died with their boots on trying

But I’ll die to keep from seeing that look on your face again
I guess I’ll just sit here, my son
Out of advice, but full of believing
Keeping quiet by act of will
Guiding our course by one dimly remembered star

Trying hard not to be an asshole
My one successful innovation in my maudlin career as a dad
Like when you were a baby crying
And no one else was getting up
So I did
Not because of enlightenment
Because the alternative is unbearable

I’m coming with the bottle, don’t cry, it’s not so dark
It’s the 7th or 9th time tonight and I’m losing my mind
But at least when I can sleep,  I will
At least i can face myself come morning