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Till Morning

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She beguiled in inquisitions that bore no truth
I discoursed in ciphers no one sought to solve

I fondly recall in our smoke-yellowed slice of discount heaven
Not a moment of truth disturbed our vaporous sleep


With love and regards to those who devour

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In every gnash teeth, bullet vest narcissist
Anti-social, sociopath, tinpot, despot to the strong and infamous
Is the sneaking admiration of the legions sheep
With true love for their vulpine tormentors

In your bedroom and the boardroom
From the gleam of your blood on their chin
Spills the dreamy rictus grin of success
To stir the sanguine blood of the anemic do-gooders, one liners, and protest signers

In a world of pants down politicians and zero sum heroes
Nothing wins the bleeding heart like the iron-rich smell of success

Fair and True (A caution)

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May you never know the cold, calloused working hands of a Fair world
An impartial view never seize you by your scruff
Or principled and dangerous never turn dread eyes on you

May you never the horror of the Fair and free, my fair haired child
Or Necessity scrape your soft palms to the hypodermis
Picking agony through connective tissue for subcutaneous Truth


Fair is the remorseless predator
A falling of a blade in a machine with no known purpose

Truth is an alien horror hiding deeper than bone
A lusus naturae you never speak to or invite in
Fair comes and goes
Truth permanently resides


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The moon burns hot
And your a liar
Swear you’re not
(Tongue’s on fire)

Painted mirrors
Naked skins
Streaming horrors
Breathing thin

Watch photos
Blood on camera phones
Sleeping solo
In beds not your own

Skin sinks fading
Like dying Mondays
Stringing pearls
Of gentle shadings and short-engagement cabarets

Honestly, literally

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There are two kinds of liars
In the dizzying spin of celestial deep

And those who lie about it

Neither should be trusted
But one should be respected for their honesty

Falling in Line

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You’ve made a career of refusing engagements
To stay in high demand
An art form of identifying absolutes in everyone
(The absolute wrongs that they do you)

No aptitude for style
Unique has hit its expiration date
Mysterious has left the building
Despair is showing its age

And really, nobody’s THAT smart…

Shop girls start calling you “sir”
You can’t muster the moxie
To manage a youth culture timbre

You’ve got words to spare
And a mean little air
You mutter them quietly in the grocery line

You’ve traded the things everybody wants
For the something that nobody needs

You’d be almost common
If you weren’t abnormally arrogant