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Keyhole peeker, private stars

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I envy hacks, drunks, duds, and failures
Those with ardor and ambition
Hopeless dreamers and those who love the poisons in their lives

Too full on late-night caramel nicotine
I can’t stomach the morning
So, close my eyes to soothe the raw undersides of lids

I’m dreaming in Kodachrome, in my holiday PJs
Cracking pine needles, head under the tree
I’m squinting at pin lights, making private constellations

If fate calls my cell phone, i may just hit send


Till Morning

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She beguiled in inquisitions that bore no truth
I discoursed in ciphers no one sought to solve

I fondly recall in our smoke-yellowed slice of discount heaven
Not a moment of truth disturbed our vaporous sleep


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I set out to write a little poem
But ended with the truth instead

No death and no orgasms
No striking revelations, reversals, or denouements
No shit, fucking, damn, whop, nigger, fag, whore, damnation, sex, or god is dead
To stir your panties with salacious indignation

Leave it to an art school graduate
To labor over something with no market value
And not have the sense to leave it at the bottom of a drawer
Or at the bottom of the sea, where it belongs

With love and regards to those who devour

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In every gnash teeth, bullet vest narcissist
Anti-social, sociopath, tinpot, despot to the strong and infamous
Is the sneaking admiration of the legions sheep
With true love for their vulpine tormentors

In your bedroom and the boardroom
From the gleam of your blood on their chin
Spills the dreamy rictus grin of success
To stir the sanguine blood of the anemic do-gooders, one liners, and protest signers

In a world of pants down politicians and zero sum heroes
Nothing wins the bleeding heart like the iron-rich smell of success


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The moon burns hot
And your a liar
Swear you’re not
(Tongue’s on fire)

Painted mirrors
Naked skins
Streaming horrors
Breathing thin

Watch photos
Blood on camera phones
Sleeping solo
In beds not your own

Skin sinks fading
Like dying Mondays
Stringing pearls
Of gentle shadings and short-engagement cabarets

Honestly, literally

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There are two kinds of liars
In the dizzying spin of celestial deep

And those who lie about it

Neither should be trusted
But one should be respected for their honesty


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She woke up starting so loud she could hear it in the other side of her head
She must have had a bad dream rendered in ecktachrome and hi definition audio

Strict non-interference keeps me staring
At monsters that shift and crawl
In shadows on our wall
Drawn by the uncertain halo of our hallway light

Did they take blood from your neck this time?
To water all the dying plants
In the smoky room seen only in the peripherals of the
Phosphenes behind my eyes

And if not, what did they take away?

If you start again, I won’t stop you
This is your dream, not mine, good or bad
I’m a cruel man to want to chase it away
It startles so easily at loud noises

Fingers to your temple tell me
You’re a pale thing even in the dark