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No harm, no foul

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It doesn’t hurt that you don’t love me
I’m not pale and tender anymore

It doesn’t hurt that you tricked me
I’ve been fooled by worse than you and lived to play the fool again

It doesn’t hurt that you didn’t mean it, never meant it, will never mean it
Don’t even know the address of the building of the basement

Where you kept anything true about you behind locked door
in a dissipated old box with other quaint antiquities

It hurts that it doesn’t hurt you

I’m shadow boxing feints and jabs at a specter of a creature
That I called love between the shadows of  my weakness and my misbegotten notions

“He beats his fists against the posts,
and still insists he sees the ghosts”


Argonaut, 20 years after

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Cut to: 20 years later
Our hero (the best we have)

More angry
More sorry
Frightened and cruel

Cataloging horrors by order of relevance
“I’ll give you something to cry about.”
He has more than a few to spare

New ghosts have gorged and grown fat on the old

Call it what you want

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Can you call it a mistake when you knew it was
And did it anyway?
Can ghosts of the near-living and not-quite-dead
come to haunt the weekend tweakers
and do-it-yourself damned?

When you can’t find pity even in a mirror
And your own songs go down like glass in your gullet
Your poetry pulls up stakes
Hushed, like gypsies under harvest moons
Rolling on to find more fertile grounds