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Looking through the dome to the sky.

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science building dome

Looking up, realizing at 40 years old that you may have time to do one or two great things in your life, but you no longer have the luxury of the illusion of doing ALL the great things. Not anymore. There just isn’t time.



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I used to think I made the branches scrape the sky
Grasping hands outstretched, pushing fingers from fingers from fingers
Reduced to filaments thin and ethereal, lengthened to caress the shadows of a drooping sun

Now I know that it’s just a pretty picture
A Rorschach blot of a crouching tree older than my apprehensions
Writhing arms, twisting unfathomable shapes toward a light it knows as its father

Creating the pleasant illusion of a silhouette in forced perspective
Interposed between my small eyes and a heaven much further than my fragile ego would surmise
In the cold of an expanding universe, made colder and more distant with every revolution

I hide in the shadow of that ancient growth till the cold eye of the sun is replaced by the hazy and forgiving light of a forgetful moon
And pray for my brothers, the dreamers and miscreants, the lost and misled
That they may never outgrow the eggshell armor of their aggrandizing illusions